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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Hospital Motto

Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Zhang Dan


Vice president
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Zhejiang University School of Medicine
Chief Physician, the Department of Reproductive Endocrinology



11/2017-05/2018  Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School  Visiting Scholar

09/2016-12/2016  University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)        Visiting Scholar

0/92011-12/2011  Southampton University Hospital and Poole Hospital    Visiting Scholar

2007-2011    Zhejiang University School of Medicine   Doctor Degree

1999-2001    Zhejiang University School of Medicine   Master Degree.

1994-1999   Zhejiang University School of Medicine   Bachelor Degree in Clinical Medicine



Reproductive Endocrinology


Research Interests:

1. Safety and improvement of assisted reproductive technology

2. Reproductive aging and reproductive genetics


Research Narrative:

As an expert in reproductive medicine, Dr. Zhang Dan has dedicated herself to fundamental, clinical and translational study on reproductive aging and reproductive safety for over 20 years. She has published over 50 papers in SCI journals including Molecular Aspects of Medicine, Aging Cell, Human Genetics, and serves as the first/co-first/corresponding/co-corresponding author in 25 of them. She is in charge of six projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one sub-project of National Key Research and Development Program of China, one project of Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scientists, seven provincial-level projects, and serves as a key investigator in two projects of National Key Research and Development Program of China.



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