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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Department Introduction

Introduction of Pharmacy Department

1.About us/ Overview

1.Department Scale 

Established in 1953, Pharmacy Department of Woman’s Hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang University has a long history of engaging pharmaceutical medical service, clinical research and teaching. We have a total medical staff of 89 including 78 pharmacists who can give full support to the ongoing clinical and operational service.

2.Work Responsibility

Our ultimate goal is to ensure safe, effective and rational use of drugs which turns into better clinical outcome of our patients. To provide a safe, quality and patient-centered pharmaceutical care, we have built a good safety system in drug supplying and dispensing for the outpatients and inpatients. Adhering to concept of “safe and reasonable medication”, we provide 4-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week pharmaceutical care to all in-patients and out-patients

In addition to medication management, the department is clinically oriented which provides a wide variety of clinical pharmacy services. Patients are placed as the foremost concern over the drug and disease state. The department also carries out pharmaceutical education with comprehensive training programs. Furthermore, our innovative projects are well developed by using available computer technology, such as Bar Code Scanning Process, Ward Stock Topping Up System, Pharmacy Management System and Drug Consultation and Retrieval System.

3.National/Provincial Recognition& Rank


  • The outpatient pharmacy was granted as the national youth civilized unit and a pioneering site of Party building by health system of Zhejiang province in 2013.
  • Pharmacist's specialist outpatient service is popularfor the safety evaluation of medical use during pregnancy and lactation.

4.Introduction of Division 


There are six divisions including outpatient pharmacy, inpatient pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, drug storehouse, pharmacy intravenous admixture services (PIVAS), and clinical pharmacy. Together, we exert patient-centered pharmaceutical care through teamwork, innovative services and collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

Out-patient pharmacy

  • Provides round the clock 24-hour pharmacy service including weekends and public holidays.
  • The Bar Code Scanning Process during outpatient dispensing reduces the internal errors and guarantees the accuracy rate of drug dispensing.
  • Provides distinguished consultation service as a national youth civilized unit.

In-patient pharmacy

  • Services include all in-patient service and discharged patient service.
  • Set up subdivision as anesthetic pharmacy, which provides effective management and safety dispensing of anesthetic and psychotropic drugs.
  • Establishes an accurate measurement for neonatal drug dosage.

Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Service (PIVAS)

  • Involves the preparation of individualized drug doses in syringes or infusion bags in the pharmacy aseptic unit. The products prepared are ready for administration on the wards.
  • Provides centralized cytotoxic drug service for all oncology patients in the hospital.
  • Provides the new-born babies with safe and quality total parenteral nutrition without microbial or particulate contamination and interacting additives which is verified by professional pharmacists.

Traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy

  • With GSP qualification certification, traditional medicine materials are reliable with good origin.
  • Provides decoction and express service.

Drug storehouse

  • Apart from drug purchasing, the division provides drug information service for doctors, nurses in the hospital information system.

Clinical pharmacy

  • Attends ward rounds with physicians in multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Evaluates advice and opinions on drugs.
  • The division is responsible for the training programs, as one of the first training centers for training clinical pharmacists in obstetrics and gynecology in 2016.

2.Treatment & Service

  • Provide individual pharmacy service at outpatient pharmacy, the NO. 1 window at Building 1, 1st floor for any pharmaceutical problems.

Time: every weekday at 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • For further consultation of medical use during pregnancy and lactation, pharmacists’ outpatient service is dedicated to helping those who have already ingested a drug or who are in need of drug therapy where a cost-benefit analysis may be necessary for appropriate counseling.

Time: every Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., registration is needed before the consultation.

3.Education & Training

1.Program&The Number of Students & Trainee

  • Serves as one of the key training base of clinical pharmacists of gynecology and obstetrics approved by National Health Commission since 2016. Every year 9 trainees are enrolled in this program.
  • Cooperates with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University City College, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College for multiple training of students majoring in pharmacy. Every training stage, the department offers opportunities to 6 students in total.
  • Pharmacy service training program of medical use during pregnancy and lactations is designed for pharmacists to acquire necessary skills during consultation. It’s a non-degree advanced training lasting for a quarter of one year with 1 trainee at a time.
  • Provides annual national continuous education program regarding medication use during pregnancy and other relative clinical issues, allowing members of medical institutions to find out what each other are doing in terms of clinical research thus fostering collaborations.


1.Research Direction

Areas of research range across the spectrum of pharmacy:

•Construction of gene-targeted drug delivery system for gynecological diseases

•Development of biodegradable sustained-release preparations in gynecology and obstetrics

•Studies of placental transportation and safety use of drugs during pregnancy in clinical practice

2.Academic Status

Below lists the current projects of the Department supported by foundation.

  • Project supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China

Trophoblastic cells precise delivery and mechanism study of methotrexate through "ligand-ultrasound-transporter" gradually mediated strategy (applied by Caihong Zheng, 2018)

Construction of a novel vector for gene delivery through reproductive tract via "virus" way and its basic research on the influence of cervical cancer (Youth project, applied by Xiaoling Zheng, 2018)

The study of targeting and matrix remodeling polypeptide coordinating paclitaxel used to construct a "surrounded-eliminated" integrated conjugate micelles in the treatment of breast cancer (Youth project, applied by Yunchun Zhao, 2018)

Changes of PML-RARa protein solubility during the removal process of arsenite and its relationship with recurrence of promyelocytic leukemia (Youth project, applied by Nabu, 2016)

Effect of the influence of gestational diabetes mellitus on the expression of oligopeptide POTs in placenta and the study of its mechanism (Youth project, applied by Dongli Sun, 2013)

The effect and mechanism study of endometriosison the specific targeting nano-carriers combined with AQP1-sinRNA (Youth project, applied by Mengdan Zhao, 2012)

Design of siRNA-polymer conjugate micelles targeting on dendritic cell by reduction trigger and study on the differentiation of dendritic cell (applied by Caihong Zheng, 2011)

Construction of cellular sensitive derivatives micelle based on disulfide bond stability and targeted peptide modification and preliminary study of antitumor effect (Youth project, applied by Yiqing Ye, 2011)


The department publishes High-Impact Journals in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology and Pharmacy. Below list some recent publications with Impact Factor higher than 3.

1. Zhiyuan Ma, Xi Yang, Ting Jiang, Mengru Bai, Caihong Zheng, Su Zeng, Dongli Sun*, and Huidi Jiang*. Multiple SLC and ABC Transporters Contribute to the Placental Transfer of Entecavir. Drug MetabDispos. 2017, 45 (3):269-278.(IF:3.21)

2. Yunchun Zhao, Li Zhang, Shisen Feng, Lu Hong, Haili Zheng, Lili Chen, Xiaoling Zheng, Yiqing Ye, Mengdan Zhao, Wenxi Wang, Caihong Zheng*. Efficient delivery of Notch 1 siRNA to SKOV3 cells by cationic cholesterol derivative-based liposomes. Int J Nanomedicine 2016, 11:5485-5496. (IF:4.370)

3. Zhao MD, Cheng JL, Yan JJ, Chen FY, Sheng JZ, Sun DL, Chen J, Miao J, Zhang RJ, Zheng CH*, Huang HF*. Hyaluronic acid reagent functional chitosan-PEI conjugate with AQP2-siRNA suppressed endometriotic lesion formation. Int J Nanomedicine 2016,11(2):1323-1336.(IF:4.32)

4. Wenxi Wang, Shiseng Feng, Caihong Zheng*. A comparison between conventional liposome and drug-cyclodextrin complex in liposome system. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2016, 513 (1-2):387-392. (IF:3.994)

5. Zhao Y, Zheng C*, Zhang L, Chen Y, Ye Y, Zhao M. Knockdown of STAT3 expression in SKOV3 cells by biodegradable siRNA–PLGA/CSO conjugate micelles. Colloids Surf B: Biointerfaces, 2015, 127: 155-163. (IF:3.997)

6. Chen FY, Yan JJ, Yi HX, Hu FQ, Yuan H, Zhao MD* , TNYl peptide functional chitosan-g-stearate conjugate micelles for tumor specific targeting;International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2014,9:4597-4608(IF: 4.195)

7. Ye Yiqing, Xu Yingying, Liang Wanling, Leung Gorge, Cheung KH, Zheng CaiHong, Jenny CW Lam. DNA-loaded chitosan oligosaccharide nanoparticles with enhanced permeability across Calu-3 cells. J Drug Target, 2013, 21(5):474-86, (IF:3.408)

8. Sun DL, Wang, YQ, Tan, FQ, Fang, DB, Hu, YJ, Smith, D.E, Jiang, HD. Functional and molecular expression of the proton-coupled oligopeptide transporters in spleen and macrophages from mouse and human [J]. Molecular pharmaceutics, 2013,10:1409-1416. (IF:4.556)

9. Meng-Dan Zhao, Yan-Mei Sun, Guo-Fang Fu, Yong-Zhong Du, Feng-Ying Chen, Hong Yuan, Cai-Hong Zheng, Xin-Mei Zhang, Fu-Qiang Hu. Gene therapy of endometriosis introduced by polymeric micelles with glycolipid-like structure. Biomaterials 2012, 33:634-643.(IF: 8.312)

10. Xiaoling Zheng, Yongzhuo Huang, Caihong Zheng*, Siyu Dong, Wenquan Liang. Alginate-chitosan-PLGA composite microspheres enabling single-shot hepatitis B vaccination. AAPS J 2010, 12 (4):519-524. (IF: 3.942)

11. Zhao MD, Hu FQ, Du YZ, Yuan H, Chen FY, Lou YM, Yu HY. Coadministration of glycolipid-like micelles loading cytotoxic drug with different action site for efficient cancer chemotherapy. Nanotechnology. 2009, 20: 055102 (10pp). (IF:3.652)

12. Ye Yi-Qing, Yang FL, Hu FQ, Du YZ, Yuan H and Yu HY. Core-modified Chitosan based Polymeric Micelles for Controlled Release of Doxorubicin. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2008, 352 (2): 294-301 (IF:3.862)

6.Locations & Contact

Department Name: Pharmacy Department

Director: Cai-hong Zheng


Outpatient pharmacy: Building 1, 1st floor

Drug storehouse: Building 1, the first floor underground.

Inpatient pharmacy: Building 2, 2nd floor

Pharmacy intravenous admixture services (PIVAS): Building 2, 2nd floor

Traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy: Building 3, 1st floor

Clinical pharmacy: Building 3, 1st floor

TEL: 0086-571-89991730, transfer to the corresponding subdivision.


Providing high-quality healthcare for women and children