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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Department Introduction

Introduction of Obstetrics Department

1.About Us

The Department of Obstetrics of WHZJU is the national clinical key specialty of the National Health and Family Planning Commission. It is also the key department of the hospital and the key discipline of the Zhejiang Provincial Health Planning Commission. It is the unit leader of the Zhejiang Perinatal Health Care Collaborative Group, the unit of the Zhejiang Provincial Perinatal Branch, Zhejiang Prenatal Diagnostic Center, Zhejiang Fetal Medicine Center, Zhejiang Obstetrics Medical Quality Control Center, Zhejiang Province Prenatal Diagnosis (Screening) Quality Control Center; we are dedicated to providing high-quality medical care for women and babies, especially the clinical treatment and consultation of difficult maternal and fetal cases. We also keep up with international and domestic clinical guidelines and consensus, advocate standardized treatment, and at the same time promote new technologies, new knowledge and new methods to grassroots hospitals. We lead the way in maternity management, clinics, education and scientific research in Zhejiang Province. Over the past five years, we have played an important role in improving the physiological and pathological obstetrics diagnosis and treatment technology in Zhejiang Province and maintaining the consecutive low maternal mortality rate. At present, there are 437 fixed-bed and 73 obstetricians (including 27 senior titles). The annual delivery rate is about 20,000, of which the critical illness is >30%. In recent years, although we have received a large number of critically ill pregnant women, the cesarean section rate is maintained at a low level, and we often provide the assistance in consultation and rescue for patients with dangerous and dangerous diseases from other hospitals making great contributions to improving the quality of obstetrics in Zhejiang Province.


Currently, Dr. Chen Dan-qing takes in charge of the Department of Obstetrics.

2. Treatment & Service

(1)Prenatal diagnosis and fetal medicine subspecialty---- create a birth defect management platform We provide intrauterine diagnosis and intervention of fetal congenital anomalies and hereditary diseases.   

Based on the joint consultation of prenatal diagnosis expert group, we introduced a multi-disciplinary expert consultation system which includes experts from pediatric urology, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology, etc. We also set up pre-pregnancy counseling, fetal medicine, genetic counseling and re-fertility clinics and also offer various clinical services such as molecular diagnostic preimplantation diagnosis of hereditary diseases prenatal diagnosis,fetal MRI, fetal microscopy and surgery. In January 2013, the Quality Control Center for Prenatal Diagnosis (Screening) in Zhejiang Province was established to supervise, guide and standardize the prenatal diagnosis work in our hospital and the province.

(2)Maternal medicine---standardized management and clinical diagnosis and treatment of multiple pregnancy complications 

The maternal medicine focuses on the standardized diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy-related diseases: 

 1. Carry out standardized screening and diagnosis and treatment of gestational diabetes and promote it to the whole province, and open day care wards for patients with gestational diabetes.. 

2. Establish a fetal risk prediction system of pregnancy intrahepatic cholestasis; complete the investigation of the influence of hepatitis B virus carrying on maternal and child in pregnant women in Hangzhou and established a multi-link hepatitis B strategy. 

 3. Fetal electronic monitoring is applied in high-risk pregnancy at 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy, and early monitoring of intrauterine conditions is performed. 4. Establish a maternal rescue network platform to conduct network referral and remote consultation for high-risk pregnancy.

3)General obstetrics---multi-faceted reduction of cesarean section rate, promotion of natural childbirth. 

General obstetrics is committed to providing basic obstetric care services for pregnant women, and reducing cesarean section rate and the complications in both mothers and neonates. Our services include the comprehensive promotion of maternity school courses, the development of nutrition clinics to reduce the incidence of macrosomia; the extensive implementation of Doula labor and labor analgesia. We also conductthe implementation of “100 high-quality birthing competitions” and midwifery technical training, every 3-6 months Conduct cesarean section indication analysis and carry out postpartum pelvic floor function assessment and treatment.

3. The Milestone of Expertise

(1) Predictive management of early-onset preeclampsia and prevention studies of pre-eclampsia recurrence  

Pre-eclampsia seriously affects maternal and child health and is the main cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. By studying the relationship between changes in serum markers and pre-eclampsia prognosis, we establish an early risk assessment for pre-eclampsia, providing a new way for early screening of high-risk populations.

(2)Effective prevention and control of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. 

Based on long-term clinical research and clinical experience, we excel in the treatment of patients with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and the treatment of patients with intrahepatic cholestasis of the third trimester of pregnancy. The clinical case database of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, the artificial neural network (ANN) was introduced into the fetal risk prediction system for intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy for the first time, and the ANN model was established to effectively process clinical and biochemicalparameters for fetal risk assessment.

(3)Research on gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). 

 GDM not only has an adverse effect on perinatal infant, but also indicates an increased risk of diabetes in the middle aged and elderly women. On the basis of GDM screening, diagnosis and treatment, we provide comprehensive care for pregnant women with diabetes of all types, and develope a gene chip technology to screen high-risk populations of GDM. We have also improved the GDM management processes in pregnancy, intrapartum and postpartum.

(5)Multi-link hepatitis B mother-infant blocking strategy. 

In view of the current situation of China's hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, twe take the lead in setting up the hepatitis B mother and child ward in the early 1980s, and establishhe multi-link blocking hepatitis B strategies, including pre-pregnancy block, blockage during pregnancy, blockage during birth and postpartum block, which effectively reduces the incidence of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus. The follow-up of the birth baby indicates that these strategies have achieved good results and , the positive rate of HbsAg in neonates has maintain at very low level in recent years The follow-up results shows that the a positive HbsAg rate of 1-year-old children  is <5%, and the HbsAg prevalence rate of children under 5 years old is as low as 0.28%.

(6)Monitoring of fetal intrauterine safety. 

 We pay much attention to the application of fetal monitoring in abnormal pregnancy, including the network of fetal heart monitoring and the clinical application of short-term variation of fetal heart rate, the application research of remote fetal monitoring, etc. We also combined fetal monitor and ultrasound imaging to study the fetal intrauterine behavior and establish diagnostic criteria for fetal heart rate electronic monitoring in small pregnancy weeks a, as w, which can improve the accuracy of fetal heart contraction interpretation, realize computer analysis of fetal heart rate curve, and promote the development of fetal intrauterine monitoring. 

 (7)The optimization of pre-natal screening and sustainable development of prenatal diagnosis.  

We establish the pre-production screening database of Zhejiangprovince, and launch the “Zhejiang Prenatal Diagnostic Network (website:”, which controls the prenatal diagnosis details, quality, consultation in real-time of Zhejiang province, and provides more professional medical services and professional information for grassroots doctors and pregnant women.

4. Education & Training

In order to improve the technical and theoretical level of obstetrics,we have always been committed to providing high-quality obstetric medical education and training. Over the years, we have received trainees from 18 provinces and municipalities such as Liaoning, Hainan, Sichuan, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Fujian to study in the obstetrics department, and have established cooperative hospital relations and counterpart support relationships with 43 hospitals in and outside the province. And we also send the backbone medical staff to carry out clinical diagnosis and treatment work in the professional counterpart department of the cooperative hospital. In addition, we organize and hold various forms of obstetrics meetings and trainings on a regular basis, such as  the Yangtze Delta Perinatal Medicine Academic Conference and the Zhejiang Perinatal Medicine Academic Conference, Zhejiang Obstetrics Directors Forumthe Training Course of National New Perinatal Progress, the New Progress in Critical Care of Obstetrics, he National Prenatal Diagnostic Learning Class, the New Progress in Painless Delivery, etc, which greatly improve the theoretical level of obstetrics in Zhejiang province and other areas, and promote the knowledge update and clinical treatment capacity of obstetricians.. Many training sessions have been held successfully to benefit participants. The types of training include/ the National New Progress Training Course on Perinatal/, /the New Progress in Critical Care of Obstetrics/, /the National Prenatal Diagnostic Learning Class/, /the New Progress in Painless Delivery/, /and the New Progress in Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunction/. /First-aid training for delivery room/, /Obstetrical critical first aid/, /Improvement of rural primary doctors/, /Zhejiang Obstetrics Directors Forum/, /Zhejiang Science and Technology Foru/,/Mother and Child Health Engineering Training Course/, /Million Health Project - Natural childbirth promotion technology training course/, etc.,


(1)Research Direction 

The main research direction of obstetrics: predictive management and comprehensive prevention and treatment system of preeclampsia. Screening and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of  intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. The maternal-infant vertical transmission mechanism of hepatitis B virus and maternal-infant blocking strategy. Nutritional management of pregnant women with gestational diabetes. The studies of intrauterine environment and long-term growth and development. Application of fetal electronic monitoring in fetal intrauterine safety monitoring and maintenance. The important influence of prenatal screening and optimization strategies of prenatal diagnosis on the prevention and control of birth defects.   

(2)Academic Status 

Obstetrical development has always been in line with international standards, and established a series of clear sub-specialities, namely maternal medicine, fetal medicine, and general obstetrics. So far, we have accumulated rich research experience and scientific research results in preeclampsia, pregnancy intrahepatic cholestasis , gestational diabetes, placental disease. Hundreds of articles have been published in related medical journals at home and abroad. Since 2009, we have drafted the obstetric clinical guidelines , which had been promoted and applied nationwide. The project of Zhejiang Provincial Prenatal Diagnosis and Birth Defect Monitoring Center named“Innovation, Application and Promotion of Integrated Prevention and Control System for Birth Defects” led by obstetric experts He Jing et al. won the first prize of the 2015 National Maternal and Child Health Science and Technology Award-; in 2016 the project “Key Technology and Demonstration Research on Prevention and Treatment of Birth Defects Based on Secondary Prevention Strategy” won the Science and Technology Achievement Award of the Second China Birth Defect Intervention Foundation. Director Chen Danqing won the 2015 National Maternal and Child Health Science and Technology Award - Natural Science Award. These scientific researches lay a solid foundation for better standardizing clinical diagnosis and treatment, and also reflect the achievements    brought by the integrated development of obstetrics clinics, education, and research.  

6. Locations & Contact

Obstetrics related outpatient: 2th floor, Building 3

Department of obstetrics: 5th—11th floor, Building 3

Tel: (0571) 87061501


Providing high-quality healthcare for women and children