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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Hospital Motto

Holding a benevolent heart, delivering high-quality medical care, seeking truth, pursuing innovation

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Liu Ai-xia


Deputy Director, International Affairs Office
Master Supervisor, Zhejiang University School of Medicine
Associate Chief Physician, the Department of Reproductive Endocrinology



2016-2017   University of Wisconsin   Visiting Scholar

2009-2010   UBC, Canada            Visiting Scholar

2004-2007   Zhejiang University       Doctor Degree

1999-2001   Sichuan University        Master Degree

1994-1999   Sichuan University        Bachelor Degree



Reproductive endocrinology, early pregnancy maintenance


Research Interests:

Reproductive endocrinology, early pregnancy maintenance


Research Narrative:

Early pregnancy loss is the most common complication of human reproduction. Given the complexities of early development, it is likely that many mechanisms are involved. Knowledge of differences in protein expression is essential to understand the comprehensive pathophysiological mechanism underlying early pregnancy loss. My previous study had indicated several proteins that are associated with widespread failure in cell regulations and processes such as cellular stress response, cell structure, cell growth, metabolism and proteolysis at maternal-fetal interface of EPL, shedding a new insight into the proteins which may be potentially involved in the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying EPL.


Firstly, proteomic analysis was performed on decidua in women with EPL. Then, expression markers of ER stress, redox status, apoptotic features, and cell viabilities were analyzed in EPL decidual cells. In this study, we found that EPL decidual cells were characterized with decreased glucose-regulated protein 78 and valosin-containing protein expression levels, and burdened with the ubiquitinated proteins and elevated reactive oxygen species.  The evidences of ER stress-induced apoptosis in EPL decidual cells was shown by extensive dilation of ER, different morphological states of apoptosis, and the activation of caspase-4 and caspase-12, which further threatened cell viability and contributed to the dysfunction of EPL decidua. When exposed to additional H2O2, the EPL decidual cells were more vulnerable to OS challenge than the normal decidual cells. However, we found that the increased ubiquitinated proteins level and lowered cell viability induced by H2O2 in the normally decidual cells were remarkably attenuated in the presence of vitamin E. The sum of these observations indicates for the first time that sustained ER stress exists in EPL decidual cells, and the potentially vicious relationship between ER stress and OS is likely to play an important role in the development of EPL.


Furthermore, trophoblastic proliferation and differentiation in an orderly manner play a critical role in the placentation and maintenance of early pregnancy. The pathological mechanism underlying early pregnancy loss (EPL) is greatly related with poorly trophoblastic differentiation. My previous study on EPL chorionic tissues found that SGK1 expression level was significantly changed in trophoblastic cells of EPL when compared with the controls, which suggesting that SGK1 has an important role in early placental development and maintenance of pregnancy. In my future study, I aim to reveal the characteristics of spatial-temporal expression, regulative pattern and related molecular mechanisms during the development of trophoblastic cells, vascular remodeling and early pregnancy by using cellular co-culture system as a proliferation-differentiation model, combination with the in vitro gene control techniques and stress-induced mouse model. Ultimately, I aim to determinate the mechanism of vascular remodeling, pathologic mechanism of EPL, and provide valuable information and seek possible direction for cellular and molecular treatment.



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